Ultimate Guard Arkhive 400+ XenoSkin Petrol
Ultimate Guard Arkhive 400+ XenoSkin Petrol
Ultimate Guard Arkhive 400+ XenoSkin Petrol
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Ultimate Guard Arkhive 400+ XenoSkin Petrol

  • Product Type: Deck Case
  • Barcode: 4056133007900
  • Convenient multi-deck-carrying - card decks can remain in their deck cases, but can still be carried together in one box
  • Xenoskin - innovative cover material with anti-slip texture
  • Compact and spacious - the compact design of the box surprises with a Capacity of more than 430 double-sleeved cards
  • Extra easy access - when fully opened, the 3-fold lid leaves the box open to both sides for extra easy access
  • Very strong closure - 4 magnets for a precise and secure closure - Dimensions: 30, 7 cm x 11 cm x 9, 5 cm
  • The archives 400+ is the ultimate box for storing and carrying large numbers of cards and/or multiple cases in many different ways! It's modular design is perfectly dimensioned to hold an almost endless variety of Ultimate Guard products. Some examples of what this amazing box can hold: 5x ug boulder deck case* 80+, or 4x ug boulder deck case* 100+ 5x ug deck case 80+, or 3x ug deck case 100+ plus extra storage space 430+ double-sleeved cards or 500+ single-sleeved cards, or 850+ unsleeved cards* 175+ top-loaders 3x rug flip deck case 80+, Incl. 1x rug boulder deck case* 80+, or 1x ug deck case 80+

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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