Rack Mount Kit for SonicWall

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Rack Mount Kit for SonicWall TZ300 / TZ400 RM-SW-T4

PERFECT FIT: You can assemble your firewall or switch onto the rack with existing screws from the appliance for a perfect fit into our custom cut-outs; All connections are easily accessible from the front providing a clean look

KEEP IT COOL: Custom model airflow cut-outs ensures that the hardware does not overheat by giving it all the breathing room it needs

POWER: A fixed power supply secures the appliance from falling or shifting

Product Dimensions: 1.73 in. x 18.98 in. x 8.54 in.; 1U; Weight: 4 lbs; Part Number: RM-SW-T4

Capacity:RM-SW-T4 for TZ300/400 | Color:RM-SW-T4