Micro JIG


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Create your own clamp tracks with just a router bit.
With any standard 1/2” 14-degree dovetail router bit, you can create your own clamp tracks, eliminating the need for expensive aluminum tracks. It’s an entire system designed to give you all the functionality of T-track and T-track accessories, at a fraction of the cost.

Versatile track clamps.
Solid steel bar with the head forged into a 14-degree dovetail profile. Soft rubberized handle for a more comfortable grip.
Reversible handle provides horizontal clamping pressure without the need for long clamps.

Step 1
Route a groove with a ½” 14-degree dovetail router bit.
Step 2
Dovetail Clamps move through the tracks below the surface, securing material without getting in the way.

Stops, hold downs, auxiliary fences on miter saw station, drill press,

Assembly Table

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