GEOMAG Magnetic Sticks and Balls Building Set, Magnet Toys for STEM, Creative, Educational Construction Play, Swiss-made Innovation, Confetti 50 Piece
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GEOMAG Magnetic Sticks and Balls Building Set, Magnet Toys for STEM, Creative, Educational Construction Play, Swiss-made Innovation, Confetti 50 Piece

  • Product Type: Game
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  • Plastic
  • ORIGINAL INVENTOR OF MAGNETIC BUILDING TOYS FOR KIDS: GEOMAG magnetic discovery toys is the industry leader of magnetic building play for kids and adults. Every magnetic building set includes a wide array of colorful magnetic sticks, panels and balls
  • KIDS LEARN THROUGH OPEN-ENDED CREATIVE PLAY: Geomag STEM and STEAM building toys are kid magnets! Whether our building games are magnets for toddlers or educational toys for 8 year-olds, these magnetic sticks, panels and balls offer fun for all ages
  • COLORFUL MAGNETS CLICK INTO ENDLESS COMBINATIONS: Play allows kids and adults to create and learn together! Geomag easy, interlocking magnetic building games are educational toys that teach STEM concepts of magnetism, geometry, gravity, and engineering
  • SWISS MADE AND DESIGNED: These magnet building sets are Swiss toy innovation at its finest. Invest in superior quality and design to ensure years of educational building fun. Super strong positive and negative magnets in each colored magnetic rod core
  • MAGNET TOYS GIFT SET: Ideal STEM toys for creative play with magnets. This educational toy set is a 50 Piece Set of 16 sticks /rods, 14 non-magnetic balls / spheres, 10 triangles, 8 squares and 2 pentagons. Not suitable for kids under the age of 3
  • The Geomag Confetti line is the best way to introduce the fascinating and fun world of Geomag's magic and surprises, dynamic creations, bright colors and incredible magnetic forces. Magnetic rods and non-magnetic steel spheres that come together to create a huge number of shapes. Geomag platforms allow for even more rigidity to structures, allowing to carry creations more easily. The spheres click into the platform and can remain there, becoming a base for endless construction possibilities. Pack includes 16 magnetic rods (lime green, blue, orange and red), 14 non-magnetic steel spheres, 14 triangle multicolored panels, 8 square multicolored panels, and 2 pentagon panels. Geomag Confetti is an inventive system of simple construction made of 58 mm magnetic rods and steel spheres. A huge number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind can be constructed. Geomag stimulates creativity and logical reasoning. The variety of the shapes and their transformations make it possible to renew structures continuously. Imagination is all that is needed to create a unique masterpiece. Geomagworld SA is the manufacturer of Geomag toys. All products are designed both to entertain and to stimulate the imagination and curiosity. Geomag toy can also become an amusing pastime for the whole family, reuniting parents and children in an activity of extraordinary creativity. Geomag is produced in line with the strictest criteria of quality and safety typical of Swiss products and is manufactured in compliance with stringent European and American safety standards.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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