PARK-PMCU Premium FrontRear Parking Assist System

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CrimeStopper(TM) PARK-PMCU PARK-PMCU Premium Front/Rear Parking Assist System

  • Selectable front or rear parking assist
  • New, smaller sensors from previous generations
  • Longer sensor wiring for larger vehicles
  • Suitable for trucks, cars & SUVs
  • Sensors can be mounted behind metal or plastic bumpers
  • Sensors can be painted
  • Audible alert with volume adjustment
  • Main control unit has sensitivity adjustment that allows the system to be utilized with bike racks, tow hitches or spare tire racks & not interfere with system operation
  • Compatible with optional, add-on PARK-PLED1 or PARK-PLED2 displays
  • Includes paint tray, holesaw bit, brackets, module & sensors