Sempre SoloTM Personal Listener

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Clarity 95628.001 Sempre Solo Personal Listener

  • Amplifies personal conversations, television & radio up to 50dB
  • Large rotary volume & tone controls easily fine-tune sound
  • Lightweight, comfortable stethoscope headset with adjustable earbuds
  • Ability to connect provided headphones or earbuds (optional neckloop available)
  • Interchangeable microphones--plug-in microphone, 4ft lapel microphone or 10ft microphone extension
  • Small, compact & easy to use
  • Hearing aid & T-coil compatible
  • 2-year limited warranty (main unit only)
  • Includes 2 AA alkaline batteries for up to 60 hours of use with headphones, belt clip, lanyard, plug-in microphone, 4ft lapel microphone, 10ft microphone extension, stethoscope headset, pull-string bag & extra earbuds