Onyx Plus with Home Kit

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SiriusXM XPL1H1 Onyx Plus with Home Kit

  • Allows addition of SiriusXM(R) to home audio system or set of powered speakers with easy DIY setup
  • Full color display shows program & channel information, album art, channel logos & graphics
  • Plays at home, office, outdoors or in additional vehicles with just 1 subscription
  • Allows browsing other channels while listening to current one
  • Pauses, rewinds & replays live satellite radio plus all Smart Favorite channels
  • Automatically starts songs from beginning when tuned to a Smart Favorite music channel with TuneStart(TM)
  • Allows creation of personal channel to blend Smart Favorite music channels with TuneMix(TM)
  • Scans & selects songs that have already played on Smart Favorite music channels with TuneScan(TM)
  • Stores up to 20 favorite channels for 1-touch access
  • Locks & unlocks channels with mature content
  • Stores FM presets to optimize PowerConnect(TM) performance
  • One-Touch Jump(TM) to traffic & weather for the city of choice or back to previous channel
  • Includes home kit & remote