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The best just got even better.
The GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock offers the same level of precision, safety, and control as the original, but with two additional accessories for even more control. It’s the most Advanced pushblock in the world.

Three directions of force.
Three directions of force provide essential stability for superior precision, safety, and control.

Downward pressure stabilizes work piece on a flat surface.
Inward pressure against the fence virtually eliminates kickback.
Forward pressure feeds stock consistently through the cut to eliminate burning and blade marks.

Virtually eliminates kickback on table saws.
Kickback occurs when the workpiece strays from the fence, and gets pinched between the saw blade and the fence. The rear teeth of the blade grab the workpiece, turning it into a dangerous projectile. The only way to avoid kickback is to maintain control of your workpiece through the entire cut.

The GRR-RIPPER provides downward and inward pressure, keeping both sides of the cut parallel to the blade. This prevents the workpiece from straying from the rip fence, virtually eliminating kickback.

Rip without stopping and burning.
Using two GRR-RIPPERs allows you to feed long stock continuously without stopping, virtually eliminating burning and blade marks caused by inconsistent feed rate. Parts come off the saw ready to use with little to no additional sanding or planing.

Use it around your whole shop.
Over 30+ uses on table saws, router tables, jointers, and band saws.